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activeways Ltd helps you to understand your condition, what can and can not do in order live better.

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Dementia Care

  •  There are various types of dementia, from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s, all with different symptoms, striking different people and all requiring varied care services.

  • All types of dementia can develop behavioural patterns for customers that can be difficult for family members and friends to cope with – both physically and emotionally. Often, seeking the support of trained dementia carers is a must to help relieve the pressure of this. We provide customer specific dementia care options that can help the customer and their relatives better manage day-to-day life and plan for the road ahead.

  • As you come to terms with your loved one’s new diagnosis, you’ll be experiencing a range of emotions as well, and during this time it is important you have sufficient professional support around you that allows you space to understand the changes both you and your loved one are going through.

  • Here at Activeways, though we firmly believe that having dementia does not mean the end of life as you knew it. Following the initial adaptation period, we will continue to work with the customer and their family to help them continue life as normally and fulfilling as possible.

  • With ever evolving treatment and research into dementia, you can be in the comfort of knowing your Activeways carer receives specialist ongoing training and CPD to provide the highest standard of care for those with dementia.

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If you would like any further information about the dementia care services Activeways Ltd can provide, get in touch with us today!

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